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dressedxtoxkill's Journal

Not So Beautiful
20 March
The sadness comes when it's least expected. It's shot out of the dark straight into our face. The hurt it brings can't be stopped. The hurt it brings can't be cured. Just when i thought things were all right, you came and ripped out my heart. My stomach full of butterflies, the thought of you gone...it tears me apart. i remember you and me, when we used to laugh all night until we fell asleep. So stop me now, stop my thoughts because you're killing me. But you don't know it, though we've grown apart i'll still be there for you. But i don't want to be just a memory to you.

You like me to stroke you.
Be careful I don't choke you. Did you read my mind?
You say don't be blue. Is that the best you can do?
I've lost my patience now.

tonight, ill stand in the light, so you can count how many tears fall from my eyes. this time ill be alright. my heart cant get any worse. *the starting line*